Anti Poaching Unit

- History

Anti Poaching Unit (APU) was launched in Sweden in 2007 by a group of police officers to stop the cruel illegal pursuit of wolves in Rialareviret, a territory north of Stockholm. The model is from Africa where they have organized themselves to protect the endangered animals from illegal hunting.

Since then, the foundation has grown and developed into all wildlife. In 2011, Anti Poaching Unit was registered as a foundation. They began holding courses to train new Rangers and spread the business to more areas. However, this did not appear to have the desired effect, as few participants continued with preventive work and patrols after completion of education. In autumn 2014, the Board decided to create the project Ranger 2015 with contracted volunteering. In 2015, two new Ranger teams were established: one in Värmland and one in Stockholm.

In 2016 a new batch of rangers were examined and another two teams were formed. In 2016, a total of five teams worked in the country.

Våren 2009

The firstl APU, spring 2009.

En del av APU i 2011

Part of  APU 2011.

Team Värmland 2015 och Team Stockholm 2015

Team Värmland 2015 and Team Stockholm 2015

Part of the  examined rangers of 2016.

Vi förebygger illegal jakt och miljöförstöring

2013-06-06 During National Day celebrations in Norrtälje, Christer Hofström, APU, were honored with

the award: "Nature conservation Award of Roslagens". The award were presented by Roslagens Nature Conservation Society and Norrtelje Tidning.

Read the article "A night with APU" norrteljetidning.se

“I can smell maffia from far away”. Conny Andersson, the police officer who became tracker and track poachers full time. See the whole reportage: magasinet Filter #30 2013.

An article about  APU "I vargarnas tjänst" from  2010


APU established


Insamlingsstiftelsen Anti Poaching Unit registered.


Re-organisation to project-based operations.


Start project  Ranger 2015. The twio first teams, Team Stockholm and Team Värmland, establisheded.

APU member ofi International Ranger Federation (IRF)


One more team established, with operative area  Uppland, Sörmland and Dalarna.  Head Quarters Team and Team ESOP -Expert team for Special Operations- are established..  APU now has 5 patroling  teams.


Ranger education expanded, new rangers examined. One of Sweden's most experienced forensic experts part of team ESOP.