We prevent poaching

and environmental crimes

Anti Poaching Unit

Prevents poaching and wildlife crimes

Anti Poaching Unit Sweden (APU) is a foundation. All resources are exusively used to prevent illegal hunting and wild life crimes.

We prevent and detect hazards for animals and wildlife. For example illegal traps, illegal hunting, poisoning of predators, crimes against protected species, pollution, environmental and habitat destruction, severed wildlife fencing etc.

We patrol, observ , document , create a network of observing people and strive to interact in a positive way.

We stand for a fair and long-term nature sustainability where people, animals, wildlife and the environment coexist in harmony.

Our raw model is in Africa, where people  have organized themselves to protect the endangered animals from illegal hunting.

Foto: Conny Andersson, ordförande


Manages and represents the fundraising foundation Anti-Poaching Unit. It consists of a chairman and two board members.

Headquarters compound staff

Selected experienced volunteers who work for the Foundation's purposes and the Board's decisions. Duties of the staff is fundraising, tip management, administration and operational leadership.

APU Rangers

Volunteer Rangers  signing up to regular patrols on one year contracts. Rangers fighting illegal hunting wears green berets around the world.  APU Sweden's Rangers do it too. It shows we are part of a global network of Rangers serving the wildlife. 

APUs rangers follow The Ranger Law

Patrols with the goal of preventing fauna crimes:

  • Our Rrangers are trained in patrolling, signs of poaching, environmenalt crimes  and how to deal with it.
  • Most of our Rangers have experience from military,  police and security work.

Hunting questions and hunting legislation:

  • We have Rangers with hunters licence and experience from hunting.

Search and rescue operations. Both missing people and animals:

  • We have Rangers with education and experience from  search and rescue.

Game tracking and general tracking:

  • Many of our Rangers are  experienced expert  trackers and search dog handlers and trainers.


  • We conduct training courses and presentations, and visit other educations and conferences.


  • We both receive and provide information to residents and visitors in nature areas.

Tip-based operations:

  • We receive and process tips on hunting violations and environmental degradation.


Committed people who live and work in natural areas and are actively looking for information on illegal hunting, etc.

2013-06-06 During National Day celebrations in Norrtälje, Christer Hofström, APU, were honored with

the award: "Nature conservation Award of Roslagens". The award were presented by Roslagens Nature Conservation Society and Norrtelje Tidning.

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