Interview with Håkan about the attack

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Interview with Håkan about the attack

On Sunday morning (20/3), Ranger Team Captain Håkan Olausson and his wife Camilla found meat in their back yard. Upon closer examination, the meat was found to be rigged with up to 4 cm long sharp flat screws hidden in the meat. Somebody has sneaked into the plot during the night between Saturday and Sunday and put the piece of meat in the family's doghouse. The incident is reported to the police.

The neighbors heard a car at 2–3 o'clock on Saturday night. The perpetrator must then have stepped out of the car and sneaked into Håkan's yard.

- Fortunately, my wife saw the meat before the dogs ate it up, says Håkan, who has roots in the village and is an educated police dog handler.

- Would the dogs have eaten it, they die a painful death. The screws cut apart the whole guts.

Who would do such a thing?

- It's probably associated with my work with Anti Poaching Unit, APU. We work voluntarily to prevent illegal hunting and environmental degradation in the county.

Why would anyone be against that nature conservation laws are maintained?

In this case, it is likely poachers or wolf-haters behind. It's the same methods they use to kill wolves in the wild. Meat, poisoned or rigged with a sharp object that cut down the animals' stomachs. These individuals do not hesitate cruel and cowardly animal abuse and it also affects other animals in nature eating the meat.

But in that case, why do they assault you as a person?

They are afraid that APU exists. This type of crime only works in the hidden, so the perpetrators try to scare those who see. Probably it is also intended as a direct revenge for APU's reports of illegal traps and illegal predator carrion/bait in the county. The movie Hunters are not as far from reality as people think. Ruthless to want to plague a dog who cannot defend itself. These individuals are not like ordinary people, so because Ymer (Håkan's dog/editor's note) participates in the patrols, this can also be their foul method to try to make our patrols less effective.

If Håkan's revenge theory is correct, then it is also a case of abuse in criminal matter. Håkan, a trained officer, former lieutenant in the defense and having 34 years in the security industry behind, says it is not uncommon for police officers and other lawmen to be subjected to personal threats and harassment.

Do you see it as a social problem?

- It is a big problem that officials in the police and county government are getting scared. This is the kind of thing that we who stands up for nature and animals suffer from. It takes moral courage and courageous officials for not giving in to personal threats.

Will you stop working for APU, animals and nature now?

- Never. I just get more determined and more convinced how much our work is needed.

Conny Andersson is chairman of the APU Foundation.

- We within APU are actively working with patrols in the field to detect all types of crimes against nature according to current Swedish law, he says.

- Threats, hostile rumors and serious harassment of this kind are commonplace for us within APU, Conny continues.

- We urge Sweden's hunter organizations to publicly disregard threats, harassment and illegal hunting. We have come to the point where Sweden's hunter collective must show where it stands; For the maintenance of Swedish law in nature, transparency and public insight, as well as against illegal hunting, threats and harassments - or not.

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