We prevent poaching

and environmental crimes

APU-UNIFORM (from 2016)

APU rangers wear uniform to make us easy to recognize. The uniforms show that we are in service, which means a correct attitude towards nature and fellow human beings, as well as zero tolerance for crimes according to current Swedish law. All suspected crimes against nature are monitored and reported to the police.

Green beret is an international symbol for anti poaching rangers around the world. It has nothing to do with mliitary special forces. We are proud to be part of a large family in service of wild life conservation.


OD-green shirt or OD-green jacket

APU-id. Photo, ranger ID-number, signature and year of validity. The id shows the ranger is authorised APU-personnel.  General public can leave complains on individual rangers, based on the ranger id-number, to the foundation if so wished.

Black boots or shoes

OD-green trousers

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