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We prevent poaching

and environmental crimes

Become Ranger!

Do you have a passionate commitment to prevent illegal hunting? Are you in good physical shape, used to being in nature and having experience with conflict management? Do you want to be part of a dedicated team that works to protect animals and nature against environmental crime? Then you may be the one we are looking for!

You can work as a Ranger in APU for 1 year in one of our teams. We are working to establish teams in new parts of Sweden and also to establish a team in Oslo, Norway - please send an application if you are interested in joining a future Oslo team.

It is a voluntary mission. You work for the APU to prevent and detect illegal hunting, wildlife and environmental crime. We give you training and provide rental car and equipment. We sign a contract which means you promise to perform at least 10 patrols (at least 1 / month) with your Ranger colleagues during the year.

A Ranger in APU is:

•Passionate committed to prevent illegal hunting and protect animals and nature against environmental crime.

•In good physical form and used to being in nature.

•Friendly and determined.

•Used to conflict management.

•Has good leadership qualities.

•Works well both independently and in teams.

Personal fitness is a decisive factor. Background in the military / police / customs / security industry or the like is an advantage.

The assignment involves:

•Track, prevent and report offenses against wildlife and nature.

•Collect, gather and document information about dangers to animals and nature. Report to APU.

•Work for laws and never accept crimes against wildlife and nature. Zero tolerance, always report suspicions of crime to the police. Photograph and document.

•Plan patrol routes and carry out patrol service quietly, safely, consciously and slowly. Make sure no crimes are done against the wild. A patrol consists of at least two trained rangers, one must not patrol alone.

•Create networks of crime prevention officers and informers in the patrol area.

•Act friendly, powerful, peaceful, sustained and avoid confrontation.

Practical information:


APU works for openness and cooperation. We want to create confidence in our business and our networks. Therefore, we require that all Rangers stand for transparency and communication. This means that images/videos can be published on, for example, The website, Facebook and YouTube.

Donation from participants

Everyone who receives an offer and accepts to become a Ranger pays a donation of 1000, - SEK.

Is this something for you?

Submit your application to The application should contain a brief description of yourself, your background, at least one reference, your motivation and what makes you just the one we are looking for. Also specify which team/area you want to belong to.