We prevent poaching

and environmental crimes

Poaching and environmental crimes

Poaching at high level

Poaching of wolves and other predators are at a high level for many years. For about 50% of the radiolabeled wolves found dead during the years 1998-2011 was the cause of death illegal hunting and probably illegal hunting, see graphic below (Source: Skandulv). For adult wolverines is the figure even higher.

By 2017 wolf home-ranges in Värmland and Dalarna are emptied at an alarming rate, most likely as a result of highly coordinated poaching. Predators  are also poisoned, run over by scooter or car, shot at carrions, caught in illegal traps. Illegal surveillance cameras are commonly used to prepare for the killing and to keep track of predator and human movements in the forest. The Anti Poaching field work to prevent poaching is extremely urgent and will become increasingly important. Not only concerning endangered predators but all wild life.

APU finds hunt felony

2016-04-13 APU has revealed a suspected serious hunting offenses. It was April 13th we found the dead and burned lynx north of Stockholm. This involved intensive cooperation with the police and prosecutors. Pre-trial has now started. More information comes when appropriate due to investigation.

Read an article about the cas at norrteljetidning.se from 18th of april 2016.

Poison and pollution

Hazardous chemicals and waste are thrown into the woods.

Cut wild life road fences

Other illegal predator  killing methods include cutting open wild life road fences combined with carrions on the road in attempts to get the predators out on the road for intentionally killing them by car or hoping for unintentional road-kills by others..

Carrions and carcass baits

Poisoned carrions are laid out in the woods and by roads as bait. This is a well known illegal method to kill predators. Either by poisoning, or baiting the carrion with nails and scewsintended to rip the animals stomach from inside, or by shooting the animal at the carrion. We have seen calls by criminal networks on social platforms to intensify these methods.

Illegal surveillance cameras

So called carrion or bait cameras, automatically taking photos of anything that moves in front of it. The photos are  automatically sent to the owner's phone. These cameras  requires special permission which hardly ever is granted. Nevertheless these type of cameras are very common, at the cost of  privacy for out-door people and relief from illegal hunting for wild life.

Read more about surveillance camera legislation here natursidan.se>>

Illegal traps

We always welcome tips on illegal traps. No animal shall unnecessarily suffer in illegal traps. Some illegal traps are even dangerous for people. Regulation of legal traps can be found here naturvardsverket.se


In this  neighbourhood poster, local "anti-predator-lobbyists" tries to scare their enighbourhood of "child-eating wolfs".

Wolf-war - a shilling documentary about the highy coordinated covert criminal networs that strives to exterminate wolf from Scandinavia.

Unfortunately not subtitled in English.

Cause of death figures for wolf and wolverine in Sweden. (Yellow = likely by poaching/illegal hunt, Brown=proven poaching/illegal hunt, Green=legal hunt, Light brown=trafic, Light green=natural cause, Mint green=unknown