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Frequenatly asked questions to APU

How do I become an APU Ranger?

See Become Ranger

What do you do?

APU is a foundation whose resources are used directly to prevent illegal hunting and environmental degradation. We prevent and detect hazards and crimes against animals and nature primarily through patrols and field work. Read more about the work here and the latest annual report on the work here.

Är ni emot jakt?

APU är endast emot illegal jakt. APU tycker ingenting utom att envar ska följa svensk lag i naturen. Vi förbygger illegal jakt och miljöförstöring.

Are you against hunting?

APU is only against illegal hunting. APU does not think anything except that everyone should follow Swedish law in nature. We prevent poaching and environmental crimes.

Are you against legal hunting of predators?

APU is only against illegal hunting. APU have no opinion except that everyone should follow Swedish law in nature. We prevent poaching and environmental crimes.

Does poaching really exist in Sweden?

There is widespread poaching in Sweden. Over 50% of all the death of wolves are due to illegal hunting. Furthermore, there is poaching on birds of prey, rare birds' eggs, animals considered to be pests, hunting for legal wildlife in protected areas, etc. One not uncommon method is to let drive chains and driving dogs drive wildlife from the nature reserve to their own land. Even illegal hunting outside the hunting season is common. Because of its world-unique historical absence of rangers, the Nordic region has a tradition of low detection risk for illegal hunters. APU changes this and it scares poachers, which is also the main reason they so eagerly spread malicious rumors about APU.

Why do hunting and environmental crime rarely lead to convictions?

The disparity between the large number of hunting and environmental violations actually occurring and prosecution/conviction is extremely high. It proves that the judicial system and police force lacks the resources when it comes to these types of crimes. APU prevents illegal hunting and environmental degradation. If a crime has occurred, we have failed. APU's task is not legal sanctions.

What should you look for as an individual in nature?

You should never feel threatened by people you meet in the wild - by hunters or by others. Everyone has the right to reside in nature within the limits of public law. If you are threatened or harassed you must report it to the police. If you do not dare you can anonymously report to the police and/or inform APU about the incident. If there is a suspicion of hunting or environmental crime, we try to follow up with a patrol.

Note suspicious observations - timing, location and other information - and please take pictures. It may be a shot in the middle of the night, or outside the hunting season, littering or other suspicious activity in nature. You can find out if it's season for lawful hunting or tip APU about suspicion. Keep in mind that you have the right to report suspicions of crimes to the police. You do not need to be sure that a crime has been committed.

What should you do if you find a trap?

Some illegal traps can be dangerous even to people so be careful. You can check if the trap is marked with name, phone number, and trap type. If not, it's illegal (Exception is if the trap is adjacent to the farm building). You can choose to report it to the police yourself, inform the police anonymously and/or tip APU. Be sure to note the position and take pictures of the trap.

What should you do if you find a carrion/bait in nature?

Laying out a bait is in most cases legal. It is also legal to leave offal carrion of bush-meat in the wild. However, it is illegal to leave the offal from cattle. Do you see offal from cattle in the wild, report it to the police, inform the police anonymously and/or tip APU. Take note of the position and please take pictures. Keep in mind that your dog should not eat of offal remains in nature. It is not uncommon that they are illegally poisoned with the intention of killing predators. This is a very painful death to animals who eat the poisoned meat. Next to the baits it is not uncommon with illegal surveillance cameras.

What to do if you find a surveillance camera, so-called Camera trap in nature?

Surveillance cameras must be approved by the county government. Very few permissions are granted so most camera traps you see in nature are illegal. A legal camera surveillance camera must also arked with a camera monitoring sign  attached adjacent to the location. If such marking is missing, it is illegal. Cameras often take pictures automatically through a sensor if someone or something moves in front of the camera. The image is usually sent to the owner's mobile phone. The vast majority of cameras next to a carrion/bait are illegal. Report it to the police, inform the police anonymously and/or tip APU. Be sure to note the position and take pictures of the camera.

Are there any other ways to detect hunting and environmental offenses than in nature?

You can sometimes hear some people in your district shamelessly brag about hunting and environmental crimes. Report to the police, tell the police anonymously and/or tip APU. Do you see threats, harassment, images of wild life crimes, or planning of hunting on social media? Always take screenshots and report to the police, tip the police anonymously and/or tip APU.

What do you use funds for?

APU is a foundation. All resources are used in full to prevent poaching and environmental crimes almost exclusively through field work/patroling.

How many wolfs do you think Sweden should have?

APU does not have an opinion except that everyone should follow Swedish law in nature. We prevent poaching  and environmental crimes.

There is a police and county administration for nature conservation, why is APU needed?

In Sweden, no single police official is assigned to work only on illegal hunting. The county council's nature conservationists are few and have far too few resources. Even though many do a good job, several police and county officials are also biased because of personal connections to poachers and their own local hunting interests, etc. APU's number of volunteer rangers is today comparable to Sweden's total number of the counties's nature inspectors. Hunting crime and environmental crime statistics speak their clear language regarding the need for increased wild life protection monitoring.

What is the illegal environmental degradation you are talking about?

Numerous environmental violations occur every day throughout the country. From illegal littering in the wild to illegal logging, fishing and large-scale industrial emissions. APU works to prevent and detect all types of crimes against nature.

How good trackers are you?

All our rangers receive basic training in tracking, forensic tracking and securing evidence. Many of our rangers are also already specially trained trackers, others have entire careers of crime scene investigation in the police behind them, some are tracing hunters and many have experience as nature guards. Levels and special skills thus differs from ranger to ranger, but all have basic training in tracking and many are experts.

Does APU disturb legal hunting?

It is a crime to disturb hunting and APU work for laws and against crime. If we are present, it is only to investigate and document that no crime against nature and animals takes place

That's a fox trap! Why did you report it?!

All traps must be type-approved and marked with type designation, name, address and telephone number. If it is not, it is illegal and therefore reported to the police.

How can you say that sheep carcasses awaiting destruction transport is a carrion/bait?

The Swedish Board of Agriculture has rules for how carcasses of cattle awaiting destruction must be stored, covered, etc. This is to avoid the risk of contamination or to attract wild life. A carrion/bait is food or materials prepared/placed in order to attract wildlife. If an animal's body awaiting pickup deliberately is placed in a way that is intended to attract wild life - such as foxes, bears, wolves, crows – it is by definition also a carrion/bait. Carrion/bait with meat from domestic animals is illegal.

Can you not understand that it's hard for a farmer to get his sheep torn, or for a hunter to get his favorite dog injured or killed in fights with wolves?

Of course, we understand that. However, APU does not work with these issues. APU prevents poaching and environmental crimes.

Do you think there should be no single elk left because of wolves?

APU does not have an opinion except that everyone should follow Swedish law in nature. The elk is an equally obvious part of the Swedish fauna as is the wolf. The pressure on the elk population has many causes, such as forestry companies own hunting quotas on their own land, but APU does not work with these issues and therefore has no agenda except to protect wild life according to the Swedish law of nature. We prevent poaching and environmental crimes.

Do you think the Sami should not be able to carry out reindeer husbandry because of predators?

The Sami has as an indigenous people right to their land, Sápmi, and, among other things, the right to conduct reindeer husbandry. But APU does not work with these issues, only with wild life protection in accordance with current hunting and environmental laws. APU works to prevent illegal hunting and environmental degradation throughout the country. This is not limited to poaching of predators, but equally illegal hunting on other rare species as well as crimes that threaten reindeer, such as poaching on reindeers, illegal emissions from mines and mining exploration, destruction of old forests, protected lichens, littering, crimes against public limitations in nature and Nature reserves rules etc.

Do you come up with things to get attention? No. We don't need to. We prevent poaching and environmental crimes. If no crime against nature and wildlife is detected, we have achieved our purpose.

Why do you look like military?

APU wears the same uniform as most of the world's anti poaching units. We carry it for clarity, recognizability, transparency and accountability. Read more about the uniforms.

Are you armed?

We are only "armed" with cameras and equipment for tracking, navigation and communication, as well as sharp eyes, ears and noses.

I have heard that you are abusing fly fisherman with ice hockey sticks, is that true?

There are many rumors about APU. We have heard most, but not just this. Ask yourself who is spreading the rumors and why. Who does not want the public to have insight? Why do these individuals backbite those who investigate what happens?

APU is 100% transparent, are those who spread the rumors transparent? You can assume that the most eager slanderers of APU have some form of connection to poaching or environmental crimes in Sweden. By observing WHO is spreads malicious rumors, you can learn about who in your neighborhood is likely to have such connections.

How do I support your work?

You can apply to become a Ranger, donate a gift or become a sponsor (company). See Support us. If you have special skills or equipment you think we can benefit from, please contact us. You can also support us by showing moral courage: Stand up for neighbors who are threatened or harassed for their natural commitment and mark zero tolerance. Report threats to the Police. Report crimes against nature to the police or tip APU about it, talk about APU, stand for supporting APU and stand up against malicious rumors.

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