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Myths and truths about APU

About accounting

APU is governed by the Foundations Act and reviewed by an authorized public accountant. Each year, an annual report is published, which is public.

The annual report is posted on the APU website and is also available at the county administrative board.

About police and military within the APU

APU consists of volunteers. These volunteers have employment in various different occupational categories outside the APU. However, most volunteers have a background in the Police force, Armed Forces or other security sector related work.


On collected funds

APU is a completely non-profit foundation. The Foundation's financial resources have been donations from third parties and also from the volunteers involved in APU. The funds go in full to the operations. The Foundation's revenues, expenses and assets are reported publicly in the accounting.

About APU's reports

All APU rangers are both specially interested and educated on Swedish nature/hunting/environmental legislation, fauna, biology, etc.

APU reports all suspected violations of applicable legislation.

APU does not report legal hunting or other legal activities in nature.


About activism and sabotage

APU does not conduct any form of activism.

APU never deliberately interferes with legal activities in nature. Our patrols are conducted exclusively to prevent and detect crimes against nature according to current legislation.


About APU and hunting

APU is working to reveal illegal hunting and crime against nature. Several of APU's rangers are hunters themselves and APU never tries to interfere with legal hunting. If an APU patrol is present, it is only to investigate and document that no crime against wild life takes place.

We find it very strange that certain circles of the hunter ranks oppose transparency and defends illegal and unethical hunting, thus allowing a minority of unserious hunters to destroy for the serious ones.

About wildlife lovers from town and country population

The majority of APU's staff lives or originate in rural areas. We see no general support for illegal predatory hunting in the countryside. On the contrary, it is a small criminal minority who carries out these crimes. This minority often threatens and backbites the locality to achieve a silence about the illegal pursuit.

On the contrary, the average provincial and ethical hunter shows responsibility and pride in nature and wildlife. That there would be an ideological conflict between rural and urban areas in terms of the conservation of Swedish nature and opinoin about predators is a figment from interest groups and lobbyists who want support for eliminating parts of the Swedish fauna.

About APU, militarism and intimidation

APU's background, expertise and organization can for many resemble an army, even though we are only "armed" with cameras. We wear uniforms to be clearly recognizable according to international ranger standards. An APU ranger in service meets nature and fellow human beings with correctness and respect. If someone feels threatened by our presence, it is likely that this person is trying to hide a crime against nature. All APU rangers carry APU identification on the chest. We encourage everyone who feels incorrectly or badly treated to note the rangers ID and report the incident to the foundation, anonymoulsy if so wished.


About authority

APU's staff normally has no powers other than any other citizen.

Everyone has the right to move in nature, be wary of crimes against nature, photograph and film in public places, ask questions and report suspected crimes. APU normally have no right to require proof of identity, a fishing permit or firearms license but exceptional cases can apply to different types of cooperation with the reserves and landowners. If an offender is caught in the act of crime in prison sentencing range, all citizens have the right to apprehend the perpetrator according to Swedish legislation (Rättegångsbalkens 24 kap. 7 §). This also applies to APU rangers.


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